Your Simplified EV Experience

Available on Android now, with iOS coming in December.
Power Trip takes the guesswork out of driving your electric vehicle.

Predict your cars energy consumption before you start driving, find the best charging spots at your destination and get rewarded by local businesses while you're there.

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Rent an Electric Car

There are a great many reasons for why your next car should be an electric one.
If you're not yet convinced, then take ours out for a spin.

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Get the App

Electric vehicles are the future of transport.
The Power Trip app makes it easier to transition to driving an EV.

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Put your brand behind EVs

Imagine arriving at a destination where someone tops up your car while you eat lunch.
Providing this experience for your customers is cheaper and easier than you might think

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Powering Positive Change

Power Trip is now available on Android! And will be on iOS in December, follow us on facebook in the meantime to get updates and be notified when the app is available

Driving electric vehicles is one big change we can make today to reduce our emissions and tackle environmental issues like climate change and our unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels.

Making the switch to an EV can be daunting - how do you know when and where and how often to charge?
We created Power Trip to help you make the switch, and your everyday driving, as easy as possible.

How can the Power Trip app help?

  • You can accurately predict your driving range and charging needs
  • Easily find charging stations in your area and on your trips
  • Build trip itineraries around your charging needs
  • Monitor your battery and driving progress as you drive
  • Receive exclusive discounts and deals from local businesses, as a thank you for making the change to electric transport

What other support does Power Trip provide?

  • Try before you buy - rent an EV and see what life is like without petrol.
  • Put your business and brand behind EVs by offering deals and discounts directly to EV drivers! 
  • Electrify your businesses using Power Trip fleet management solutions.

Power Trip brings convenience and community support to the EV experience, encouraging drivers and businesses to make the switch.

Register your business

Enhance your brand and your business by supporting electric vehicles in New Zealand, click here to find out more about why you should register as a local business on the Power Trip app.

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