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Engage with EV drivers through Power Trip

Electric vehicles are a large part of the solution to the world's climate change and environmental issues. Especially in New Zealand, where they run on electricity generated mostly from hydro, geothermal, wind and solar energy.  There are over 10,000 EVs on the road already and the NZ Government target is for at least 64,000 on the roads by 2021.

For a business, engaging and supporting EV drivers is a great opportunity to get your brand behind an eco-friendly movement while reaching out to this exponentially growing audience who are looking to shop at businesses that support them and the environment. Power Trip will help you do this.

Register your business with us, create an exclusive deal to support EV drivers and promote the industry. We'll help you engage EV drivers by promoting you and your deal on the Power Trip app as an EV-friendly destination.
Anyone with the app will be able to see your deal, but only EV drivers will be able to access the redemption code.

There are no fees, you can add your own terms and conditions, and you can cancel or change your offer at any time. 
What you offer is up to you, we simply ask that your deal is generous and not otherwise publicly available, like maybe a 15% discount or a 2-4-1 deal only for EV drivers.

Why support EVs


Support a climate-positive movement

In October 2018 the UN issued a report that told the world that we have 12 years left before 1.5° of global warming causes irreversible damage to our ecosystem.
This means increased risk of food shortages, loss of coral reefs, more severe weather and longer, more frequent droughts.

195 countries agreed with this report. When 195 countries agree on the same thing, it must be a very real and serious problem. To prevent this from happening, we need to collectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions NOW.

Offering an EV-exclusive deal on Power Trip creates more incentives for people to choose electricity over petrol, rewards them when they do drive electric vehicles and promotes your business as an eco-minded, EV-friendly destination. While this is great for your business, it also helps to make New Zealand a cleaner, happier, healthier and wealthier place to live.

Supporting EVs helps NZ


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and encourage the transition to a cleaner, greener New Zealand.