Rent an Electric Car

Why Rent EV?

Electric cars have extremely low running costs (equivalent to 30c per liter for fuel and maybe $100 - $200 per year for maintenance), and they reduce your transport emissions by up 80%.
On paper they are brilliant, so why not try one for a few days to see if you can adjust to a petrol-free lifestyle before you commit to buying one? 

Try before you buy
An EV can easily fit into your lifestyle. Rent one and you'll discover:

  • How cheap they are to run (if you charge at home you'll get an idea of what the impact on your power bill might be)
  • How easy they are to use
  • The cool new features of the 2016 Nissan Leaf
  • The wonderful EV community hidden in New Zealand

An adventure without the environmental impact
Try a long weekend in the Wellington region. Stock up on wine and cheese in the EV friendly Wairarapa, and check out the incredible walking tracks on the east coast. Feel good about checking out all of the amazing things on offer in the region, without the environmental impact of using petrol!


Rent an EV in Wellington


Your car for the day

The Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric, no pollution, no noise, no-nonsense, eco-ninja with wheels. It has instant response and torque, it's amazingly zippy and really fun to drive! Plus Its heated seats make it perfect for winter trips. 

There's no need for expensive petrol top-ups, just plug it in to the nearest socket or visit one of the many fast chargers available (found easily with the Power Trip app.) A fully-charged battery provides you with up to 180km of driving range, so your Wellington Weekend will get you as far as Masterton before popping in for a quick coffee at a local cafe while you charge at a nearby fast charger.

At some fast chargers in New Zealand you need to pay for the electricity you use. It's a small cost in relation to petrol - usually a few dollars to charge the car up to 80% capacity. Rent with us and we'll make it easy - we'll give you a charging dongle (that works on most of the major fast chargers in NZ) and help you quickly set up an account to pay for your charging.

Rent a Leaf for a day in Wellington at mycaryourrental

 Leaf Small

Hands-on EV Tutorial

Driving an EV is physically no different to driving a petrol car (you accelerate, you steer, you brake), but there are some different things to think about. How you drive the car affects how far you can go on the battery - e.g. driving at high speeds for a long period of time can drain the battery faster. We'll provide you with tips and techniques to help you get the most distance out of the battery, and make your ride smoother.

If this is your first time in an EV we will walk you through everything you need to know and set you up with the Power Trip app to help you out along the way. 


Rent an EV Today